Congratulations to Sam & Dylan

Honoring our Veterans

Congratulations to Sam & Dylan

Sam and Dylan were both, independently, nominated for the Titusville Community Service Award for 2019 for their contributions to the Veteran’s Cemetery, in addition to bringing the community together for the cause. The ceremony was held the Elk’s Lodge in Titusville, on June 14th, Flag Day. Neither was aware the other was nominated until they saw each other at the lodge.

The City of Titusville established this award to honor Reverend Harry R. Lee for his outstanding, long-term contributions to our community.

Reverend Lee served the community as City Chaplain, Employee Assistance Advisor, Chaplain of Sertoma and Chaplain of the Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce.  By his spirit, words, and actions, he personified the concept of unity and the spirit of service in the community.  He set an example of community service and encouraged unity and discouraged disunity.

Sam DiBlasio & Dylan Benson at Flag Day Ceremony on June 14th. Nominees for Titusville Community Service Award.